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Use the new Phishing Simulator self-assessment tool to conduct on-demand social engineering tests without exposing your employees or network to any real risk.

There's no complicated contract required, no code for you to write, and no actual threat to your employees or network environment. Our 3 step process will allow you to perform the social engineering attack within minutes after creating an account. Once complete, you can quickly generate a detailed, yet easy-to-read report of all the results.

The Phishing Simulator is an on-demand self-assessment tool that enables companies to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the organization's information security policies
  • Determine how well employees adhere to internal security procedures
  • Assess the level of security awareness that exists among employees
  • Identify areas of weaknesses in order to form a remediation plan

Get more details about the Phishing Simulator self-assessment tool, or sign up for our FREE TRIAL!

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Security Awareness Resources
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